Envirosealed Windows™ and Doors stand between you and the extremes. From hottest summer to coldest winter, count on our energy-efficient products to weather the worst of temperature, wind, precipitation and UV exposure. You'll experience a more comfortable home environment, improved energy conservation and the resulting cost savings.
When purchasing new windows and doors, you'll discover that you have different spacer options to choose from. Choosing high–performance components such as Duralite® from Quanex Building Products can make a real difference in a window's functionality and durability. The Duralite® spacer inside a window's insulating unit is the market's best at deterring moisture and reducing glass condensation, leading to a healthier, more comfortable home.
Consumers purchasing home appliances appreciate the high standards set by the Energy Star® program. Homebuilders and remodelers can expect those same high standards to apply to window and door products. Envirosealed Windows™ and Doors with Duralite® are designed to meet or exceed Energy Star® requirements. As those requirements change, our forward-looking solutions will keep pace.