Seals Windows Better and Longer
By design, our Duralite® insulating glass spacer seals your window better and longer than other spacer options on the market, so you feel more comfortable near the window in any weather. It steadfastly retains its durability under adverse conditions, outperforming other types of spacers while delivering increasing energy savings.

Housed inside a window's insulating glass unit, our high-performance Duralite® spacer optimizes spacer components such as adhesives, sealant, desiccants and structural elements to yield superior product performance and extended product lifetime. The spacer increases energy efficiency by surrounding, trapping and retaining more argon gas, longer, to reduce energy loss (argon gas improves insulation).

Envirosealed windows and doors meet or exceed the Energy Star® criteria. The Duralite® insulating glass spacer technology creates a superior thermal barrier and reduces thermal conductivity, which causes energy loss. And the Envirosealed window's impermeable barrier to gas and water vapor prevents outside elements from entering.

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  Duralite Insulates Windows
the Best
Because Duralite contains no metal, it is the most thermally efficient spacer on the market today. When it comes to saving energy and reducing condensation, no other warm edge window insulating system outperforms Duralite.
  25% adds up to more than a
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Windows and doors account for up to 25 percent of your home's energy consumption. Use this energy bill savings calculator to see how much you can save on your heating and cooling bills with energy–efficient Envirosealed Windows™ and Doors.
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